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What is Sports Massage?

A combination of techniques are used to customise a massage that is unique to you. I believe in tailoring every treatment to the individual, whether you are after a complete mind and body unwind or a more functional/rehabilitative treatment.
You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage. Sports massage is so called because it is a style of massage that is popular with sports people. It addresses particular areas of tension, pain and restricted movement that have built up through repetitive activities, misaligned posture and exercise.

Deep tissue and corrective techniques are used to release congestion and ease tensions by promoting blood flow and lengthening muscle fibres.

Some techniques can be uncomfortable, but should only hurt in a ‘good pain’ way, in which you instinctively know that it is doing you good. You should never have to put up with more pain or deep work than you are happy with. I believe that communication is key to an effective massage and will encourage feedback, especially when using deeper remedial techniques.


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