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Helps treat and relieve muscular aches and tension that affect your occupation, sport or quality of life.

Persistent muscular tension
Neck and shoulder stiffness
Post-exercise aches
Restricted movement


Injury prevention
Stress and anxiety
Minor soft tissue injuries
Injury rehabilitation

Back pain


Our bodies are put under immense amounts of pressure by modern life READ MORE >

Who will it help?

This style of massage is suitable for everyone, from the seriously sporty to the weekend gardener, from office workers to construction workers and from new mums to old dads. READ MORE >

sports massage


Massage has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Stressed out muscles are encouraged to relax by stretching and lengthening tight muscle fibres and restoring efficient blood flow. This helps to ease pain and facilitate movement. READ MORE >


massage benefits


How it works

Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs, whether you want a complete mind and body unwind or a more functional/rehabilitative treatment. READ MORE >

Important Announcement

Lisa is currently not accepting new customers, and will be on maternity leave from 20th December 2016. Read More >


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Get in touch to find out how massage can help you with your sports activities, work or in everyday life.

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